Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oh, we are so doing this. Reviving the blog. So no need to relive it all. Jack finished his dissertation. Got a job in Amelia County, VA (read middle of nowhere central VA) and we left Radford. The kids were awesome(ish) about the move. Jack and I had a rough year with him and his new job and me being old and not knowing how to make friends or adjust to a new place. But we turned a corner and are enjoying our new life.
Even though we still need to paint the shutters. Isn't it funny how you move into a place with this huge list of things that "have to happen" to make "your home" but then you get in, unpack, and well, life happens? 
I guess the first time Sawyer spills hot chocolate on the cathedral ceiling (don't ask how), Sterling poops on the office floor, Finn piles the floor of his room with laundry and dirty dishes, and Grayson breaks the garage window with a tennis ball, the house becomes officially, OURS.

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