Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Reunion Tour

So a friend asked if I knew anything about helping her get started on a blog. Honestly, I had forgotten about this blog. Blogs are passe, aren't they? As I cam back to visit I saw most of the blogs I follow have posts no more recent than a year ago, or more. Including ours. It has been well over a year ago since we posted, and before that, several months even. As I was trolling our blog I realized, we started this blog for our family. For our kids mostly. So they can get a feel of who we are as people, who we were along the way. So I am coming back. We will see how long this reunion lasts, but I am going to write. Facebook will eventually be deleted and my journals are intimate, private. This will continue to be where I ruminate on whatever is going on. So kids, I'm back. Passe or not, I am blogging again.

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