Wednesday, April 13, 2011

THE question, as of late.

People seem to always be asking me THE question. At different times in my life, THE question has varied. "Are you going to marry him?" "When are you going to have children?" "When are you going to have more children?" (especially w 5 years in between the first two, this was popular for awhile) Not all the time, but often, people ask some version of the question, "So, any new on the adoption front?" No. But we did have to recently renew all our paperwork, medical forms, tax information, and pay our renewal fee. But that is not shiny and glossy and fun, nor is it "news," so I just say "No." But since I have been busy with adoption stuff lately, the answer to me is "sort of." So I thought I would at least put our updated collage on here (since you don't want to see the rest of our paperwork) just to prove we are still moving forward, even though everytime you ask me if we "Have heard anything...," the answer will be "No." Of course, it will be "No," until the ONE day when it will be "Yes." But I imagine you won't have to ask because the couple of you who still read blogs will already know :)


Amber Walker said...

Love the collage. Hmm, wonder what "THE" question will be after you adopt?

Elizabeth said...

I love seeing all those pictures. We are having cousins withdraw. We wish we could come play!

Lauren in GA said...

The picture collages are awesome.

The question I keep getting is, "Are you gonna try for the girl?"

Um, I'd love another baby...but it would not just be to, "get a girl." I mean, I'm not gonna lie...that would be my first choice...but if I had another baby it would not be just to, "get the girl".