Friday, June 11, 2010

"Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean!"

Jack told the school if the school scored 85% or higher on their SOL's (yep, that's right, that what they call them in VA...) he would shave his head bald. Well, the school pass rate was 89% in science, 89% in history, 91% in reading and 91% in math.

Normally a couple pictures suffice per post, but I really have to walk you through the whole experience for full effect.

He chose one student from each grade level to help with the buzz. This is him explaining his brain is just below the surface and how not to kill him. Gearing up
The kids were chanting, "Shave it off! Shave it off!" (doesn't he kind of look like 'Joe Dirt' in this one?)

Midway through he announced there was a teacher who had been asking for weeks for the honor of shaving off a sideburn (which are my favorite--it was most sad to watch those go. I asked him if he'd keep the burns and go bald on the rest. He thought that was a bad idea.) He called her up and the crowd went wild!
Then he dismissed the students for the final razor shaving and promised to visit each classroom when it was complete.

Thankfully, one of the PSA members is a professional stylist and agreed to both supervise and do the finishing touches.
(which included thinning out the brows, because it turns out with no hair, they were a bit thick)
Now he will have to remember to put on sunscreen for car pick up duty. And pickup some spray tan--that head is whhiittee!

This is how F felt about the whole thing...
When F first heard this was going down, he was livid. "How could dad do such a thing? This is ridiculous." Ahhh-the indignation of a 12 year old!

Bald is beautiful!


Elizabeth said...

Poor Finn! What a head Jacky! So funny!

Bob and Joan said...

Jack, You are awesome to do this but let's not forget that your studets' test scores were also awesome. Way to go! I heard they just made a movie remake of the old A-Team TV show. They should have cast you. Love Mom and Dad

Nicki said...

All great principals do something to "motivate." Ours dressed up as a chicken and made the front page of the paper. Now he'll just fit in with the rest of the bishopric.

Ritz Family said...

That's hilarious! What a cool dad, or not...depending on the age(of the child) I suppose.

Alyssa said...

Jack is a great principal! I promise those kids will remember that forever (not to mention F). It looks awesome!

Lauren in GA said...

Jack is completely and totally awesome.

So wise of him to explain the position of his brain so as to make sure that the students didn't kill him.

I love that the crowd went wild for the sideburn shearing. I will observe a moment of silence for your beloved sideburns, Jaime.

F's reaction is beyond words.

I am glad you are going to have him sunscreen his bald head...

I snorted at the Joe Deer-tay reference.

Brittany said...

I'm laughing so hard, I can't write my real comment...I'll come back when I stop laughing!!!

Amber Walker said...

That pic with Finn is priceless!!!! We've been missing a shaved bald man in the ward since Joel moved. Now, we have one! Carl can help if Jack wants to keep it buzzed and military like when it grows in.

Tiffany said...

Joe dirt rocks! and so does Jack. That is awesome!