Monday, June 21, 2010

Keepin' it real (ish)

So we have always had somewhat less than discriminating taste when it comes to certain lines of tv shows. In high school, college and when we were first married, we watched Real World (ah, Heather B, Puck, the cowboy...) and Road Rules (remember when they actually competed and didn't just get drunk?). As they went down the toilet and their B ratings quickly dropped well below an F, we decided to save what was left of our innocence and walked away.

For several years we haven't watched anything on MTV or VH1, but last year 16 and Pregnant caught our attention. Especially in light of our current adoption hopes it was a train wreck we could not walk away from. But you know, if I had a pregnant teenager, I would make them sit down to watch both seasons before making any decisions. It seemed pretty spot on. With that season ending, we needed a new train wreck. Insert Dad Camp. It's like 16 and Pregnant meets Real World and it is just depressing and yet sort of enlightening.

Who needs Hallmark specials when you can watch people whose lives in no way reflect your own and make you think, "I'll keep my own problems, thank you."


Bob and Joan said...

If you want problems, think India! However, we too will also take the challenges of serving a mission in a city of 12+ million on the frontier of the church to any of the above.

Lauren in GA said...

I haven't seen that one. I will have to tune in. I want to be enlightened...and hopefully it will make me feel better about know, like the reason I watch Super I can say, "Well, at least my kids aren't that bad.

Ann said...

ahhh, the good old days. i was a partaker in these wonderful wastes of time back in the day, too. doesn't get better than that! i've heard good things about 16 and pregnant but have never watched it yet. guess i'll just have to stick my NY housewives.

and on a side note-i can't tell you how excited i get each time i see that you've posted something new. i love your spin on things and your writing style-truly entertaining!!