Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting in touch with our Scottish roots

One of the great local favorites is the Highlander Festival held every October. It starts with a parade and then all of RU campus turns into a Scottish Wonderland. They have a big roped off area for sheep herding races, hammer and caber tosses, and all sorts of Scottish athletic events.
The balloon sword fights always end in tears, but oh the joy for the first 6 minutes.
Of course, the booths of Scottish garb, food, jewelry, and more always attract us. We have yet to see the McKinley clan show a presence, but you know "those" McKinleys. It's a great event put on jointly by the city and the university. Every year we say we are going to get kilts, but never do...maybe next year. Another reason we love Radford.


Dirt Queen said...

Seriously! I can't believe you posted on the same day as going to the event! Craziness! But it looks like you guys had a good time!

Bob and Joan said...

I have a piece of fabric from Scotland with the McKinley pattern. I'll try to locate it next year. Grandma Sally brought it back from the "homeland" for us.

Nicki said...

We saw you at the festival from very far off. I love the Highlander Festival too! I always end up looking for cool jewelry, but then buy nothing because it is too pricey.

Beth Freestone said...

I say "YES" to kilts!

Elizabeth said...

Your boys are so cute dancin' around!

Lauren in GA said...

I laughed at the, "oh the joy for the first 6 minutes."

Yes, yes...isn't that always the way...thank goodness for that first 6 minutes, though.

We used to go to the Highlander Festival. I always wore my kilt.

Okay, that was a total lie..