Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"That's something 'we' would do!"

Every once in awhile we will do something a little crazy--a little spontaneous, "are-we-really-doing-this?", over the top, "it-can't-be-done" sort of thing. When we pull it off, Jack will say, "I feel like my dad. That is something my mom and dad would do!"
Recently he declared, he is changing the quip to, "That is something I would do!" (yes, grammatically it makes little sense, but go with it) It pays homage to his roots, but gives us props for doing impromptu, shake-your-head sort of things in our own crazy life.

We have wanted a bedroom suite, well, since we were married almost 13 years ago. For the past year, Jack has been a little single-minded to that end. We put money aside, but knew we'd have to find a mega-deal because it wasn't much. Then, just as we'd thought we'd found it, with money in hand went to buy it
AND the Southern VA Furniture indicent happened. Oour furniture was literally sold out from under us. We looked around at a few other places again, but with everything just out of our price range, plus still harboring resentment about losing "our" set, and we gave up.
Then one afternoon, Jack's co-worker Sandy asked him to drive a truck to Galax to pick up some furniture from her school. Yay, Sandy!
To shorten a long story, he called me and said, "I found a bedroom set, this place is only open on Fridays. I am here and I have a truck." I talked to Sandy to get her opinion and asked, 1) is it too girly? and 2) does it look like something you could buy at Wal-mart? Upon her two resounding no's, Jack got back on the phone. I asked him the price and when he told me, I said, "Buy it!"
He managed to get it (which involved driving to another town for cash and a slew of other crazy, hair-brained arrangements--again, YAY SANDY!) and it was in our room (thanks Josh) that very night.
Entire Vaughn Bass Bedroom Suite, including head & footboard, dresser, chest of drawers, mirror, and night table: $750.

Next we are saving up for a small flat screen b/c Jack refuses to mount our old clunky tv to the wall.


Bob and Joan said...

Wow! This sounds like something I would do. Way to go for it! ELEGANT! love, Dad

P. S. Don't mount that antique
T. V. Hold out for the flat screen.

Elizabeth said...

Very beautiful and not Walmart at all. The big mirror probably makes the room look bigger too. After inheriting Grandpa's furniture our room finally doesn't look like a college apartment.

Nicki said...

I really like it. It looks super in your room.

Chris said...

Your set is beautiful. Well done!

Lauren in GA said...

I love it!!!!

Jupiter totally aligned with Mars for it to all work out!! Amazing!!