Monday, July 13, 2009

Grunge-grass? Really, there isn't a better name?

A few weeks ago Jack's brother sent him some mp3's to check out a band, The Avett Brothers. He actually sent the email to me thinking it was Jacks email, so as I passed the note along I took a minute to check out the music. It was good.
Just prior, Jack had seen a poster for a concert in Roanoke, The Avett Brothers. He thought it was a Christian Rock Band and dismissed it almost as quickly as he'd seen it. (In these parts, the odds were in his favor). When he put two and two together, he briefly mentioned there was a concert on the 11th, but since G was having his friend b-day party, we probably couldn't make it.
But, the stars aligned (which mostly means my mom was willing to babysit all the kids for the entire evening) and Jack and I, along with John and Brittany visiting from Ohio, were able to get tickets and go.
Rave reviews!! I cannot get their amazing harmony, mad instrumental skills, and out of control foot moves out of my mind. I am newly obsessed with a genre I didn't even know existed, and quite frankly, sounds a little dirty. Not sleazy dirty, but actually dirty.


Bob and Joan said...

We will have to wait over a year but would like to hear this group. AND

By the way, really love that hair style - you, not the band.

VTH said...

Check out Old Crow Medicine'll probably dig them to, a bit more polished, not quite so "dirty" but still good nonetheless.

Brittany said...

I LOVE GRUNGE GRASS--dirty or not! So good...thanks again!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Nice Self Portrait Jack.
Great fun!!

Lauren in GA said...

My favorite part of this post was hearing how the stars aligned. Grandma Linda is the greatest!

Grunge grass, huh? I didn't know that genre existed, sounds like the the stains I find on the knees of my boys jeans. Glad you had a great time!

Lauren in GA said...

I forgot the punctuation on, "boys'". I don't know why it was bugging me so much.

There...I feel better, now.

Bridget said...

Richard and I are SO jealous. I have been listening to them for years... my bro in law made me a disc of them for xmas about 4 years ago! Have never seen them!! Glad you liked it.