Monday, February 09, 2009

"Go to East Asheville Hardware Before You Go to Lowe's"

I always talk about supporting local business. Then I go to Target or
Now this great little shop downtown is going out of business. Could I have saved it alone? Obviously not. But it is still sad and I should have done more. I will say we do pretty well supporting local restaurants, as my big bum can attest. So here's an addition to my new year's resolution list: support local business with my wallet not just my words.
PS-Without googling it first, who sang the song from the line in the title?


Beth Freestone said...

My guess is Ben Folds Five although I really have no idea. My second guess is REM. I'm not very hip so don't judge me! I am also trying to support local businesses. I think I'm going to try the French Bakery next, yum!

Lauren in GA said...

I should know who sang that song becasue you gave it to me on a mixed CD!! I am going to go find my CD...that isn't cheating becasue I am googling nothing.

I used to always feel so sad when I drove around Pulaski and saw all the quaint but empty stores in the dying downtown area. I felt like I helped let them die because I forsook them for the sake of easier and more conveinent parking.

Mrs. MadGenius said...

Encore is closing!?!?! I loved that cute little store :( Here's to hoping the movie theater never closes, ever.

Elizabeth said...

Our little local artsy film theater closed down. Every movie we would go to would just be us. SO for sure our wallets were keping it open.

Tom Boland said...

David Wilcox is the singer. Song is from 1996 live album of the same name ("East Asheville Hardware")