Monday, January 19, 2009

What was so great about 2008?

Any given year is certainly full of drama and stressful events. We definitely live in turbulent times. However, by focusing on the good things, it is possible to see how many amazing things have happened. Here is my list of great things from 2008(not necessarily in order of importance):
  1. Satellite Radio- Jaime gave me an amazing Christmas present. I got a new car CD player (so I can listen to my Ipod again) and satellite radio. A new world has opened before my eyes. It is life changing. If you care to know more just ask me about it. (Sounds like I am selling Amway)
  2. My car- It is a piece of crap, but it just turned 13 years old! I willsoon hit 200,000 miles too. Not bad for a hand-me-down from Jaime.
  3. Temple- Jaime and I got to go to the temple about 5 times this past year. This is a new record for us. Not bad for being 5 hours away.
  4. Giving presents- Jaime and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary last December. I had kept my eye on this cool ring for the past 6 months. After looking at it for months, the shop owner gave me a price that not even I (the world's biggest cheapskate) could resist. Jaime loved the ring. She said it was perfect (sincerely and everything). It is nice to know that there are times when I get it right. Jaime is so much more deserving of just a ring. I love her more than anything.
  5. Family Visits- We had great family visits this year. Mom and Dad came, Sally and Max came, and Richard came on his way to Scotland. We had a great time with them. S still talks about it.
  6. Tubing- we rented tubes and floated down our local river. We asked for tubes for our collective birthdays from the Clemmers because we loved it so much. Mom even went when she was here. And during a thunderstorm too!
  7. Dollywood- We went with Mom and Dad, Sally and Max, and one more time during Christmas break. We love this place! Dollywood and Pigeon Forge are awesome! I hope we can go again this year.
  8. Parents going on a mission- Mom and Dad left for India last October. They are so far away, but I feel so close to them. It's so great knowing that they are experiencing the same things I once did as a missionary.
  9. My Boys- They are growing up so fast. I know we all gush about how wonderful our kids are, but with mine it really is true. Jaime gave me this awesome portrait of the boys that hangs in my office. I really am the luckiest father alive.
  10. Jaime- Jaime thought it was a cop out to put her on the list. Cop out or not, there would be no reason to make a list were it not for her. She is my everything. She is the reason I am what I am and I do what I do. I love you babe.
  11. Church- my calling is stressful but majorly rewarding. It is so amazing to see people make changes in their life when they make good choices.
  12. Cookie- she is still not potty trained,but I really love having her around.
  13. Hope- this year I voted for hope and hope won. Four years ago, I voted against hatred and fear and I lost. Something has awakened in me again. As a young boy I was inspired by the words of Martin Luther King Jr. I was inspired by the sit ins of the 60s, by the Civil Rights Movement, by the Equal Rights Movement. Through nature AND nurture I was raised to be a pacifist. Call it societal pressure, but I always felt somewhat secretive (especially as I grew older) about the extent to which I would choose pacifism. A year ago I watched a special on MLK and my heart was stirred again with a call to activism. I love what he preached and I try to live it. My approach may be somewhat different, but working in a school allows me to change and influence the lives of many. I am grateful for this. Now I look to our new president. There are skeptics who feel he may not be able to do enough. The fact is, he is willing to try, and I too am willing to try. Whether or not he will be able to do it, we will be able to do it. Our world will never be the same and I can't wait to see what comes next.

So this is my list. 2008 was great but with some drama mixed in too. I can't wait for the endless possibilities that await in 2009.


Bob and Joan said...

Jack, Thank you for this wonderful list and for the things you love most. It makes me proud to be your Dad. Thank you for your inspiring comments on pacifism and activism -powerful true principles that we need right now! Your Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Sally are cheering you on from the other side of the viel. Looking forward with you to a great 2009. Love, Dad

Lauren in GA said...

Such a great list! I loved all the things you said...especially about your boys and Jaime. *sniff* It made me cry. Hey, I didn't just cry because I am, ya know, in the family was truly beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

What a great list.
I definitely felt hope and then great relief as that chopper flew away today.

Beth Freestone said...

Great list Jack! I really miss the days of hanging out with you guys and long for the lazy days of Scrabble and junk food. I too am excited for our new leadership!

Chris said...

I love your list and I love you. These are exciting times we live in. I am so glad Karen got to be at the inauguration. Peace brother.