Saturday, January 03, 2009

Santa commanded the snow to cease

Tons of fun this Christmas break means I am sad it is coming to an end. Usually I am ready for things to get back on schedule, school to start, and sanity to set in, but we have had such a mellow, lovely break, I am not sure I want real life to start again.
Thanks for the wonderful Christmas cards and pics. We loved seeing everyone and their adorable children. However, for those of you who have three boys and your fourth was a girl, please stop sending your photos. Jack is having a resistance problem. And for those of you at church with tiny babies, do not let my husband hold them.
As far as Christmas goes, it was bikes all around. Thankfully, (but much to Jacks chagrin--whose only reason for moving here from CA was the snow) the weather was perfect so the boys were able to enjoy their new bikes.
Santa also brought Guitar Hero for Grandpa...not sure he has had much time to use it though. S is obssessed with rock and roll. He talks about it all the time. The other day, he started walking up to people and just announcing, "I'm totally awesome!" We have a rocker on our hands.


joan said...

Besides the fun of being together, holidays meant you didn't have to find matching socks.

Lauren in GA said...

I LOVE that S tells people that he is totally awesome. You are right little, man! You are indeed, awesome! It looks like he is about to do a stage stunt with his guitar in the background. Rock on, brotha', rock on!

So there are people out there that have had 3 boys and manage to get a girl? I need to interview them. How is that miracle accomplished?

I know this sounds weird, but I am sad for everyone to go back to school, too. I guess it is because Mike has been home for the whole break and it has been so nice. I mean...I don't want to actually have to take CARE of these people by myself. Pshaw.

Elizabeth said...

I am not looking forward to school starting up. Kai goes back tomorrow:(. At least Leina has one more week off.