Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thanks to Breakfast at Pascal's Kitchen I got my $1 sticker

All I have wanted for days is an Obama bumper sticker. But I only want to pay $1. And I don't want to pay it to some teen skipping school to make & sell lame bumper stickers out of his/her basment in lieu of attending woodshop. And today I got it. For once, downtown Radford did for me what the Internet and could not.

And in lieu of a political post of my own, I will refer you to the most recent post of my cyber-friend Kasey, who doesn't really know we are friends, but we are. I mean, if we lived closer, I know we would be. She may not know about our cyber BFF standing, but after reading this, you would split a heart necklace with her anyday.

And while this one is good, her older one is almost better. You decide.


Lauren in GA said...

I am so happy that Radford was able to do something for you that the Internet and could not.

Jenny said...

great photo J. love how you framed it

Kacy said...

High cyber five, bud!

Brittany and John said...

shut got a cyber high five from rock...i have to call to congratulate you.
p.s. what is pascal's kitchen and when did it come in????