Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Other than our hair, turns out Oprah and I probably don't have much in common.

Jack is the music fiend at our house. He can name any band, their latest album, who they sound like, what their drummer's side project is, who house they ate dinner at last night, and so on. He has been that way since I met him and it is something I love about him, but sometimes hate about him when we are at Carols ipod parties because I always lose.

But, I am taken with his most recent musical purchase. Actually, it is a magazine. (Not that I have gone so far as to actually read the magazine)

Every month it comes with a sampler CD, which is brilliant marketing! And the CD is always pretty decent. Out of about 20ish songs, at least half are great, and another fourth are decent. Fearing it would be only punk, I didn't even listen the first few months, but lately, I pop it in my car before he knows it came and he doesn't get it until 3 weeks later he drives the boys somewhere in my car. Now I have tons of great new bands to try.
So, while it may never make Oprah's list, I can't concern myself with that. I thought I knew most of Moldy Peaches stuff (technically just kimya dawson, but who needs to be technical?), but PASTE introduced me to Alphabutts, which every parent should hear, but pretend they didn't. Thanks, mag. And Jack.

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Lauren in GA said...

Well, Oprah has to work with a whole team of people to get her hair looking as fabulous as yours.

And the other thing that seperates you from Oprah is, you would never let Tom Cruise jump on your couch.