Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Poem for Sally

I've accepted this challenge much too late,

But now it's my turn to ruminate.

We've been consumed by the day to day,

Perhaps I will give you a play by play.

Disease and illness is well upon us.

Infection, bacteria, or another virus?

Both mom and dad have had a bout,

As we start to feel better our boy's are in doubt.

One boy had strep and another pneumonia,

Lately that's why I haven't phoned ya'.

From toddler to boy the baby has grown,

And decided a new bed for his own.

With crib too dangerous and mattress on floor,

He prefers to sneak out and sleep by our door.

In the guest bed with fever Jaime "slept",

While I tended a sick boy all night in my bed.

I long for the time when good health is dawning,

But as for now, I will just keep yawning.


Jaime said...

Oh, how I long for our life of two weeks ago...I'm excited for us to grow old so we can take afternoon naps together! (

Jack said...

Isn't that called afternoon delight? BTW, it looks like you used an emoticon, but I know you didn't;)

Jaime said...

thanks perv-you know other people read this! It was a parenthetical sentence I deletedand missed one side...Lauren, it was NOT an emoticon!

Jenny said...

kudos to my bro for picking up the gauntlet - I hope I get a poem from everybody.

sorry everyone is so sick

0 0

Lauren said...

I think it WAS an emoticon :)

I think it is a code for "AH AH Afternoon delighhhhhhhht!"

Heh, heh, just kidding...I like how you called Jack a perv, though.

I am so sorry you are both sick! That is the pits!

I loved the poem...such talent!

Nita said...

I am so amazed at the poetic prowess ("PP") exhibited by awesome blogger Jack. The poem was great. Sorry you guys are so sick. It just shows that the bugs are able to travel from coast to coast! We've had it on and off for 6 weeks. Yuk! Keep up the great work on your blog. : )