Friday, April 20, 2007

A couple of quick thoughts

This whole Virginia Tech thing has really shaken things up around here. Jaime recorded the convocation that played last Tuesday, but we haven't yet watched it. I think mostly we are waiting to let some of the emotion fade so that it will not be such a downer. That is not to say that we do not want to deal with the emotions, but I think this hits a little close to home right now.

When I find that I am feeling weighed down by the whole tragedy, I have decide that I must reach out to someone and do something positive. Someone on the radio the other day said that, "Darkness cannot overcome darkness." I will try to reach out to someone in someway each day so that perhaps light may overcome darkness.

For anyone reading (and I think that this is probably Jaime and two of my sisters) I wanted to write a couple of thoughts.

Times like these give us a lot to think about. I find myself thinking about my family a lot lately. I know that we say it and show it often, but sometimes we need to do it a little more. heart burns when I think of my love for you. I am nothing without you. I have no purpose without you. I love you so much. are the best boys ever! I love you guys so much. Keep learning from your mom, she is the smartest and best woman that I know. Mom, Dad, Sue, Jenny, Chris, Sally, Karen, Ricahrd, Liz, Lori and all significant others and kids, etc. I love you guys. I think of you all the time. Geography seperates us but does not keep our hearts from being connected. I love you all.


Brittany & John said...

Thanks to both of your for all of your guys have always been more eloquent than John and I and so I appreciate you writing what we feel. We love you all!!!

Jenny said...

I love you Jack.

Lauren said...

Jaime and Jack,
You are both so wonderful! I echo the sentiments of Brittany and John when they said that you are both eloquent! Our thoughts are continually with everyone there. This tragedy is so sad, and I am sure it is unspeakably more difficult being in such close physical proximity to the actual events. We love you both and your wonderful boys!
Lauren and Mike

Elizabeth said...

I love you too! And I am so thankful for your example of love for your family.

Jenny said...

more of the family reads your blog than comments - jsut so you know.