Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thirty Reasons

So Jaime turned 30 today. F had a socce rgame and then her sister babysat while we out for Thai food. We splurged and got 3 entrees so that we could try something new on the menu. It was so good. I first met Jaime when she was 17. Hard to believe that I have known her for 13 years and have been married to her for 10. Here are my reasons for loving her.

  1. She is my best friend (and at times my only friend)
  2. She is a great wife
  3. She is an amazing mother
  4. She is smarter than me even though she makes me think I am smarter
  5. Her biting sarcasm, even though she hates my sarcasm
  6. Her sharp and stinging wit
  7. Her organizational skills
  8. Her curt and practical nature (which she technically gets from her mom)
  9. Her ability to fundraise for a worthy cause
  10. Her sense of humor
  11. Her commitment to living the Gospel
  12. She wraps presents better than anyone I know
  13. She knows how to put on a great party
  14. She "tells it like it is"
  15. Without her vision we would not have lived in two great houses so far
  16. She reads faster than I do
  17. Her ability to get new playground equipment for the city of Radford
  18. She makes great handmade cards
  19. Se makes great scrapbook pages without being totally "lame or cheesy"
  20. She raises our boys better than anyone ever could
  21. She is beautiful and has curly hair
  22. She does what she says she will do
  23. She is a great teacher
  24. She requires a plunger just about wherever she goes (no I won't be more specific)
  25. She loves ice cream
  26. She is a great cook and she comes from a long line of masterbakers
  27. She also had a Grandma Doris
  28. She keeps a tidy office/craft room
  29. She tells great stories
  30. I can't ever imagine my life without her...definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me:)



Elizabeth said...

Hope Jaime had a great birthday. I am so glad you two found eachother. She is perfect for you. I also like many of those things about Jaime. I think many of her qualities are ones I wish I had but know I never will. For example many of my scrapbook pages turn out being "lame and cheesy". Happy Birthday Jaime!

Jenny said...

This will probably be stated as Jenny, but it's not.
too hard to go back out and comes in under my name. Loved the posting for Jaimes" birthday. Most of the thingts on the list makes us think that she could be a great President of the United States!

Joan&Bob said...

Bob says, "number fifteen is way true. Jack this is a great posting!"