Friday, September 08, 2006

Off to Preschool

G started preschool a couple of days ago. He goes for a few hours every MWF. It is about a mile from the house and at a great preschool, so we are excited for that. Anyway, this is a picture of him all "ready to go". He definitely knows how to ham it up.

The night before his first day, I was talking to him at bedtime. I told him that I hoped that he had a great day at preschool and that maybe he could call me when he got done. He said, "I will call you from my preschool Dad. They have a phone there. I'm the principal."

Another funny thing is that he asks me everyday when I get home if I played on the playset with kids at my school. I have decided to just tell him yes, because when I tell him otherwise he gets frustrated.

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Elizabeth said...

What a smart kid. You are a great dad!