Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Car Has Died...or at least I think it has

So I have basically been on vacation for the last week. I have not driven my car the whole time. Yesterday however, I drove to Blacksburg and back. No problems at all. This morning when I am heading to work I start my car and the engine starts to shake and then this giant billow of puffy white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe. I am not kidding by saying that it was literally as tall and half the size of my house. I ended up driving the 1986 Dodge Ram Pickup to work instead. This thing is a beast. It has no AC, no radio, and I think it takes about 7-8 dollars to make one round trip to work.

This is kind of like the car I had except mine doesn't have fashionable tinted windows.

I did a little bit of research and the odds are looking that the engine may have blown the head gasket. Seeing that my car was already ten years old, I feel that it is probably going to be not worth the cost to fix it. The only problem is that I don't have a hidden savings account where I was stashing money away for a new car.

This is like the beast that I am now driving except that mine is blue.

Around 11:00 tonight I drove my car to a shop so that they can look at it in the morning. Gratefully, I was able to get my car there without it blowing up or something. I long for the day when I live in a world without car trouble. Perhaps it is my destiny to always have car trouble surrounding me, but maybe I can break the cycle.


Jenny said...

THAT SUCKS. I'm sorry, cars are never fun. I think Richard replaced a head gasket on his own once - I think with limited sucess. It is always a tough choice...repair vs. when to bail out.

Elizabeth said...

I am sorry for you as well. I think you may have inherited that destiny with cars. Sorry Dad.:) I am sticking with Volvos. I don't know if we are just lucky but I am to superstitious to try anything else or my luck might run out. I am sorry you will have to be dealing with that extra cost.