Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey! Hey! We're the Monkees!

Finnegan has always loved dressing up nice for church. He is our little Alex P. Keaton. Grayson does not prefer to dress up as much but obliges at times. Anyway, when we were out in Utah over Christmas, we hit the outlet stores in St. George. We were able to find matching blazers in their sizes. They were extremely cheap and we thought that it was fate that they were in both of their sizes.

This picture was taken after Sawyer's baby blessing. WHen I saw it it made me think of an album cover from the 60s.

Maybe I can use this as a portfolio to get my children into the entertainment industry. Finn has expressed that he wants to become an actor and go to Hollywood. We asked him to develop a fall back plan just in case things don't work out. He has decided that he will become a lawyer if things don't work out.


Jenny said...

Looks like Finn is getting tall

Elizabeth said...

Those boys are cute.