Monday, December 10, 2012

How to choose? Finn First.

We had our family photos taken the other day and so many of them turned out so great. I was having trouble decided which ones to get printed and which to put in scrapbooks and which to put on the blog. So it is going to be a series of posts. Redundant at some level, yes. Oh well. I realized I have not really blogged about the boys this year, so I thought this would be a good chance to catch up on their comings and goings.

 Finn is in the 9th grade. Although a Freshman, he does not carry himself as such. But anyone who knows Finn knows he was an old soul from the time he was born. He continues to keep us in line and serves as the third parent on many occassions (again, which he has done since the moment he had someone to parent...sorry Gray). He is  a great brother and babysitter. He has begun babysitting for hire and he really enjoys it. It reminds of when Jack was a nanny in college and he loved it. Academically he is doing outstanding. He has three advanced classes and he has had straight A's since the year began. He is excelling in band also, playing in the honors band at RU this past month. It is crazt to me that three years ago he didn't even know how to read music and now he is a real saxaphone player.
 Ever the prude, it makes him crazy when we tell him "He's sax-y and he knows it!"
 He is on the Science MACC team and Scholastic Bowl team. The other afternoon he called and said SB practice was cancelled. In my mind I raced through picking him up early and what that would entail but before my thoughts could materialize he said, "But I am going to join Spanish Club and Andrew can bring me home afterwards." I actually asked him if he could start under-achieving a little more. (And we won't even talk about having him have friends who drive...)
Between the orthodontist and dermatologist, he is going to be in tip top shape by the end of next year. Standing at a taller-than-mom-since-he-was-eleven 5'12 he is still my Finny. I can tell he is getting older because it used to drive him crazy when I called him that. Now he just pats me on the head and talks about the old people's home he is going to send me too.
It's great having a teenager around! I've said it before and I stand by it.He's fun to be around, witty in his conversations, confident in who he is, and I am proud to call him my son. I am grateful he sometimes says no to his friends and chooses to stay in and hang out with us. He might beat me at most of the games we play anymore, but I'll take it! Love you Finn!


Lauren in GA said...

Such great pictures!!!! He looks fantastic. He is so handsome...and so GROWN up!

I can't believe that he was the little baby in the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit coat those years ago.

Elizabeth said...

Love that boy!