Thursday, March 03, 2011

Skiing-Baptist Style

For President's Day, we headed up to Lynchburg to Liberty University to hang with Jerry Falwell Jr. and see if he'd be interested in converting to Mormonism. Turns out, he wasn't. But he does have one heck of a synthetic ski slope and lodge up there.
We took the boys and spent the afternoon getting ski lessons on the Snoflex slope, "the most innovative technology in the snow sports industry." Who knew? Apparently, the Baptists.
It was AWESOME! We had such a great time. The boys caught on so quickly.The biggest struggle was navigating the "lift" which was a rope instead of a chair and you had to hold on for dear life. Even S eventually mustered the strength and coordination to get up by himself. He was even doing jumps on the way down. We have so many great pics but I will only put a few here. Note the dude in the background mowing the lawn. (btw that is NOT me camped on the side there. a poor snowboarding teen could not get up the rope lift) I am dedicating another special post to my favorite moment of the day. For now, enjoy these. Everyone should go and at least give it a shot for the day. It was a random, fun way to spend the day. And the prices were insanely cheap! Plus, it's a great excuse to stop at Red Palace in Roanoke on the way home and gorge yourself with yummy General Tso's.


Amy said...

I'm pretty sure Brother Falwell is dead...but I love the fake skiing!

Jaime said...

I forgot the Jr. His son Jerry Falwell Jr runs things now.

Lauren in GA said...

What an awesome place!! Mike's brother lives in Lynchburg...we should set something up if we ever visit again.

Yeah, too bad Jerry Jr. didn't want to convert.