Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh what the neighbors must think when the windows are open!

"No, poop is NOT something we can talk about at the table."-Mom
"Can I have a mirror in my room so I can see my booty when I dance naked?" -G

"Mom, I have poop crumbs in my bed."-G
"I know some kids...they're not the brightest bunch." -F
"Get your hands out of your pants! Again."-Mom
"I wish I had the power of mind control--but I would only use my power for good." -G

"Yes, you have to wear clothes to the dinner table." -Mom
"Mom, G sat on my head!" -S
"No it's not a firecracker, it's a penis!" -Mom

Somehow, as indignant am, I still end up with the quotable one liners. Sometimes I think surrender would be easier.


Alyssa said...

I don't know if you remember but you, Jack and Beth went through a "poop" phase that drove me crazy. I think it was around the same time as Bill Soupa. What goes around...

Brittany and John said...

Was someone trying to light a firecracker???

Beth Freestone said...

My kids were driving me crazy with "potty talk" the other day and I remembered the time Lysa was referring to. I want to apologize to you both!

Nicki said...

I feel your pain. As a fifth grade teacher I know that potty talk is so humorous to 10 year olds. I can only imagine how funny it must be to 6 year olds. I constantly fight the "not appropriate to talk" battle. You've done what else any sane human being can do... find the joy!

Ann said...

too, too funny!!

Lauren in GA said...

Jaime...I am not lying...tears are rolling down my cheeks.

Poop crumbs...great googly mooogly...each and every one liner had me laughing and crying harder.

Yeah...being indignant has done nothing to help my cause, either.

So...are you getting G a mirror?

Bob and Joan said...

What can we say. . . nothing, we are laughing too nuch!

Chris said...

I am laughing too hard to say more.