Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cabin Fever


Do you remember when I used to look like this?

The boys

I was faking it.

PJ time

A few months back we held a dinner/auction for baby Ian. See for more information. Our friends purchased a weekend at a cabin near Grayson Highlands State Park (or in other words BFE Virginia). Four couples, some with kids, went in on the cost and we spent last weekend together. We didn't know how long the drive would actually take so I left work early on Friday and we headed out. After a good 2 hours of driving (and some majorly windy roads) we finally arrived. We were the first to get there and so we had the place to ourselves for a few hours. We made dinner and played some games and watched Shrek (which is G's new favorite movie). The next group finally arrived after 10 pm. Shortly thereafter, Jaime and I headed to bed. The boys had nestled in a few hours before. We%


Elizabeth said...

At least you were not in the bed with him when he had the big D. We are going to go take family pics right now.

Joan&Bob said...

We love your blog and thanks for sharing, but as your Dad since this is a family blog I recommend you be careful about offending acronyms.

kristy wihongi said...

jack! oh my are out there somewhere! good to see your name pop up on holly's blog. your boys are so cute....even though they do look like you tons. :) hope that all is well with you and your family. we had a great time showing all our kids our one-of-a- kind-easter-epic, fun times...don't know if i have the energy to do anything like that again. EEB II will have to be the next generation....or maybe, just maybe we could do an even better one now that we are all older and wiser? anyway, take care.