Saturday, October 28, 2006

The big day!

My baby has grown up and was baptized. He is such an amazing boy. He truly understands what it is like to live a Christlike life. What an honor it is to have a son that teaches me how to be a better person. F's baptism day was absolutely amazing. It was great to have mom and dad here in town for the event. Our great friends, Jon and Stephanie Dubyk surprised us with a visit from North Carolina. I performed the baptism and dad confirmed F. The water in the font was icy cold! F literally gasped when he came up out of the water. When F was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost, I had an overwhelming sense of his impending greatness. He will definitely go on to be such a great man and bring to pass a life of righteousness. After the baptism, we all headed back to our house and had an awesome brunch.
We bought G a new suit at TJ Maxx. It was on clearance after Easter, We picked it up for 18 bucks. He got to debut it for the baptism. He wanted some action shots taken in his new suit.
Our family before the big event.
All the men who stood in the confirmation circle (with the exception of G, not yet old enough to hold the Priesthood): Ben Turner, Jon Dubyk, Grandpa Bob McKinley, Uncle John Carpenter, Jack McKinley, Granpda Jamie Evans.

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Elizabeth said...

wish I could have been there what a great boy you have